THESE ARE MY                         TOOLS TO RUN MY BUSINESS



And because favourites list are not exclusive to Oprah.... here ya go!

Running a digital business requires tech. There I said it... It is el mandatoro. 

And before you yuck yourself away from this topic, I swear it...

1. Can actually be fun.
2. Doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
3. Doesn't need to be confusing.

I love
easy & free!

Show it

RUN MY world

Freedom to create your website just the way you want it...


"Showit is a drag-and-drop website platform that provides total creative freedom over the layout and design of your website, all without a single line of code. Finally, you get a website that is as hard working as you are."

I need everything in one place!

FG Funnels

FG has "The Five Key Foundations For Online Business"

1. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
2. Calendar Scheduler
3. Website & Funnel Builder
4. Courses & Membership Aera
5. Messaging Capabilities (i.e. email, text, phone, etc.)

There is one last “secret” ingredient that brings all five of these together, and that’s… #6 AUTOMATIONS.

SEE WHAT ALL IT has to offer

New Zenler

Another fantastic option I used before I found FG Funnels is New Zenler.

All In One Course Creation, Delivery & Marketing Platform that is everything you need from Course Creation, Marketing Funnels, Email Automation to Community without needing to hire designers, developers or marketers.

I still highly recommend it to those FG might not be a best fit for.

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It's the ONLY thing I use to create graphics for my business and the best $13/month I spend on my business!

Having a CANVA Pro account unleashes access to unlimited design options, from real life designers!

No need to put bad design out in the world anymore!

automate me baby!


My agency and coaching side of life runs all inside of this one tool!

Dubsado helps your business stay in motion on auto pilot. 

Build relationships, schedule appointments, , sent contracts, automate invoicing, and create workflows to streamline your projects from start to finish.

If you run coaching or an agency, this platform is essential.

         CAN DO IT TOO!



I learned the hard way, followed a ton of bad advice, and my digital marketing courses and agency were born out of helping women, just like you, enjoy running a businesses online!

I’ve personally vetted every tool on this list and these are what I am currently using in my business. (I teach my students to work with these too.)

I want to inspire anyone to GET STARTED in the right direction, despite a lack of knowledge, a tight budget, no time, or limited skills...... and FLIPPING L.O.V.E. it!


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